A French post-war painting, a contemporary print, a ceramic wall plate juxtaposed by an Italian 1960's mirror - Helle Thygesen Art & Antiques offers you an eclectic perspective on art across styles and eras, old and new. 
Helle Thygesen holds a Bachelor's degree in art history and worked at the Copenhagen gallery The Apartment from 2012-2014. Helle's interest in art and all things beautiful goes back generations, beginning with her great-grandfather, renowned sculptor Einar Utzon-Frank’s vast collection of art and antiques. Her father ran the Copenhagen auction house Kunsthallen, and today Helle presents a handpicked selection of beautiful objects for your walls, rooted in an eclectic aesthetic and a personal approach - available online. 
Helle Thygesen Art & Antiques focuses on modern and contemporary art in combination with select decorative objects for your walls.
To arrange a viewing of any object that may interest you, please do not hesitate to get in touch on inquiry@hellethygesen.com or +45 3027 2238. 
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