Herradura II Paperweight by Carolina Echeverri

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Herradura II paperweight by Carolina Echeverri
Glazed stoneware 
L19 W16,5 H2,5 cm
Handmade and fired at TRBL Studios in Denmark, 2024
TRBL Studios is a multidisciplinary artist studio founded by Anders Scrmn Meisner and Carolina Echeverri. 

" The culture of objects around horses is beautifully rich; from the braided patterns of the softest leather reins, to the embroidery of the saddles and the curvature of horseshoes. The horseshoe becomes a symbol bigger than the sum of its heavy parts: magic, luck, protection. For me, it is the elegant bend, so delicate and organic in angulation yet strong in form, that captivates me. That duality contained in the refinement of its shape against the harshness of its material is what I wanted to explore within the realm of ceramics. Can it be more gentle, can it be more graceful without losing its power."

Carolina Echeverri (b. 1980) is a Colombian artist living in Copenhagen since 2011, working with photography and sculpture. There is a very tactile, intimate quality to her documentation of flora and fauna.  
Her work has been exhibited at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Hans Alf Gallery, Les Rencontres d’Arles and NW Gallery. She has been highlighted in GUP Magazine's Fresh Eyes as one of the best emerging photographers in Europe, and was shortlisted for the Athens Photo Festival this year. In 2021, the Latin America Photography Foundation and Enfoque Visual Magazine pointed to her as one of 30 recommended new Latin American photographers.

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